Intern abroad with aiesec.

We provide you with the an opportunity to go abroad and intern in either a Company, startup or an NGO. Have a cross cultural and a global experience based on your interests and skillsets.

What would you experience?

  • Exploring your strengths
    Know and live your personal values while exploring your passions and your strengths.
  • Proving yourself
    Prove your ability and feel responsible to make a difference in the world by connecting with global issues.
  • Developing skills
    Develop your communication skills in a diverse environment and fulfil a bigger purpose.
  • Solving problems
    Take risks and transmit positivity to solve various problems in challenging environments.

AIESEC allows you to live relavant professional team experiences that supplement what is being pursued in university. It enhances their skills by giving them the opportunity to learn, the freedom to fail and the resilience to evolve.

Studies show that the employees companies and institutions require not merely the ones who deliver the job, but those with skills such as self-awareness, being solution-oriented, and having the ability to lead people.