volunteer, impact, intern, experience, learn, develop your leadership

with aiesec.

Develop leadership skills by either volunteering or interning abroad with us. Experience something new and potenially life-changing, learn about new cultures, new people and yourself while impacting the people and communities you will work with.


  • Empower your university experience with real opportunities to develop your leadership skills.
  • We don’t tell you how to do it, but enable you to try, fail, and succeed.
  • You can intern, volunteer abroad or even lead a team for you to be the better version of yourself.
  • We enable you to feel a shared responsibility for the world and provide you with the tools to change it.


  • From multinationals to startups, we can help connect you with some of the brightest and most ambitious young minds on the planet.
  • Our interns come equipped with leadership skills and expertise from around the globe to help companies grow and reach out to new markets in a world of rapid globalization.
  • Learn how partnering with AIESEC can strengthen your talent pipeline, employer branding, and access to global youth insights.